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BigTranslation offers an excellent subtitling service

We provide subtitling in almost every language combination.
If you need to subtitle a video for use in another target market, we make the process simple and guarantee the best results. Our

translation agency ensures that your subtitles are up to the highest standards, conveying the style and substance of your video and making sure that the content is appropriately localised for your audience. Our experienced team takes care of everything down to the finest details, thanks to their vast expertise and audio-visual translation experience. Our translators are familiar with all the requirements of subtitling, ensuring optimum quality and the best comprehension on the part of your audience.

Why subtitle your videos?

Subtitles offer a whole host of advantages, greatly increasing the potential of a video to reach a wider audience. This includes foreign language speakers, persons hard of hearing or deaf, and viewers without the opportunity to clearly hear sound. For example, nowadays, on social media the first few minutes of a video play without sound until a user decides to click to watch!

If you have just the video file at your disposal, we offer a complete subtitling service from scratch in which we produce the transcript of the video, translate this transcript into any language(s) you need, adapt this translation for subtitles, and put together your subtitled video in whichever and however many languages you require.

Why is subtitling so popular?

Subtitling is a popular choice because it makes a powerful tool even more effective! In addition to being better for recall and more persuasive than text, video can even have a positive impact on SEO. Subtitles add even greater value to your video content, making it accessible to different and wider audiences.

In addition, subtitling is a great option when your company is internationalising. It is a technique that can easily and cost-effectively turn audio-visual content originally intended for a domestic audience into a tool that can be used in a different target market.

What kind of videos can we subtitle?

Many different kinds of videos can benefit from the addition of subtitles, in a variety of sectors and for a wide range of different purposes: publicity, documentary, conferences, education, etc

- Marketing films
- Educational videos
- Television programmes
- Films
- Music videos

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