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What is transcription?

Transcription is essentially a method of converting speech to text. In real terms, nowadays, this equates to converting audio files to text or video files to text. Here at BigTranslation, we offer high-quality audio and video transcription services to convert your recorded audio or video dialogues to text for a variety of purposes.

If you have a file that you need transcribing, BigTranslation is a translation agency whose transcription service is fast, affordable, simple, and guarantees you the very highest quality.

Whatever language your file comes in, we are able to produce a written transcript of the dialogue so that you can use the content in any way that your business requires.

Why might I need to convert from video or audio to text?

There are many reasons why a company or individual may require a transcript of a video or audio file. Whether you have received something that you need to convert to text, a third party requires a written copy of your file, or you want to use your content in new ways to spread the message about your products or services, transcription provides a wide number of advantages including: better comprehension, creation of subtitles and easy creation of derivative content.

What kind of transcripts do we provide?

BigTranslation has provided transcription services for a wide variety of different sectors and for a wide variety of different types of audio and video files. Some of our most frequently transcribed files are:

Transcription and translation

Not only do we provide an excellent transcription service, but we are able to offer high-quality translations of your transcript in almost any language.

Once we have produced your transcript, we are able to send you this file along with any translations of the transcript, so that your business can utilise all the tools at its disposal in any target market globally.

For transcription pricing information, please contact our Sales Department who will be able to provide you with a tailored quote for your project.

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