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We help you internationalise your business, offering high-quality native translations.

We offer all kinds of language services, just like a traditional translation agency, but we do so in a totally disruptive way.

Native translators

Native translators residing in the country of their mother tongue.

Powerful technology platform

Powerful technology platform

360º linguistic solutions

360º language solutions


Specialised in digital clients

Fast Deliveries

15.000+ validated translators

5.000+ language combinations

From €0,03/word

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About us

BigTranslation is a translation agency created to provide solutions to the needs of the digital sector.

Why BigTranslation?

The purpose of BigTranslation as a translation agency is to democratise native translations. We provide access to the best translators, residing in the country of their mother tongue, in just a click.

360º Language Solutions

We translate all kinds of texts and formats. 360º language solution that includes services such as transcription, sworn translation, subtitling, etc.

Only native professional translators

We work with thousands of native translators residing in the country of their mother tongue. This way we ensure that your messages are perfectly localised.

Powerful technological platform

We have a powerful technological platform from which all projects with clients and translators are centralised and managed.

Customer success

We help you address the processes, guide you and propose scalable strategies based on your priorities, forecasts and deadlines.

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You place your order

You place your order

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We get to work!

We get to work!

Our native professional translator will take care of bringing your project to life.

Quality check stage

Quality check stage

Through our platform we check and validate your project, and it's almost ready



We will send you the finished translation by the delivery deadline.

Businesses all around the world trust in BigTranslation

Professional translators

Professional translators

Available languages

Available languages

Translations carried out

Translations carried out


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'Black Friday' shouldn't be translated, everything else should.


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