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Professional translator

If you are a professional translator you can apply to work with us.

We are constantly on the lookout for experienced native translators to join our team.

Importantly, our platform has been developed by a team of professional translators, working alongside IT experts, to help you work more efficiently and, thus, earn more per hour. Additionally, highly-experienced linguists with industry knowledge in a specific field can earn more for specialised tasks.

We’re proud that users of two major translation industry websites have consistently voted us a top translation agency to work with. We rely on the talent, experience, and professionalism of our ample team of native translators.

Professional Translator

Training for native translators

In addition, through our platform and Blog, we provide:

Process to become a professional translator with BigTranslation

Fill in our registration form to create your translator profile.

Registration Form

After finishing the registration process, you will need to complete our pre-test before being accepted to join the BigTranslation team. This pre-test will consist of two parts. The first is a simple multiple choice test and the second is a short text for you to translate. Once you have translated the text, it will be reviewed by our senior team. If your test translation is satisfactory, we will invite you to join our community of native translators and will give you access to our language translation platform and projects.

On our online platform, you will find all the projects which are currently pending translation. This way, you will be able to select and carry out those translations which you feel are most compatible with your profile.

Our translators have the flexibility to manage their projects and time while, of course, bearing in mind the deadlines and other requirements of each translation.

Our translators will always be paid promptly for projects that have been carried out and delivered on time, with no invoicing minimum – it is something we pride ourselves on!

All translations carried out can be punctuated by both our quality checkers and our customers. This means that we constantly receive customer satisfaction feedback. It also means that our translators continually receive feedback on their work, allowing them to continue to progress and develop professionally.

More info: Your individual rating will appear on your platform dashboard where you will be able to consult it. Obviously, you may disagree with the score given by our customers, for this reason we have enabled the conflict button. If a conflict arises, BigTranslation will take immediate action and evaluate the given score and decide whether it is justified or not.

BigTranslation will take into consideration the feedback given to ensure that all translators are qualified to work on our platform.

For us, quality is key! Those translators who achieve the highest ratings for the quality of their work will be invited to form part of our BigTranslation Premium Community, giving them access to bigger and better translation opportunities.

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