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Translations carried out by native junior translators


Translations carried out by experienced native translators


Translations carried out by specialised senior translators

Rates for added extras


Our specialised proofreaders will revise and edit your translation for extra assurance.


If you need a translation A.S.A.P., you can choose this option to speed up the process.


Our translators will translate your text from a content marketing perspective, using keywords to strengthen your company's ranking.

Minium cost

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer clients highly-competitive rates. BigTranslation is an online professional translation agency, and our totally automated platform allows us to dramatically cut administrative costs.

The only part of the process which is not automated is, of course, the translation itself! All translations are carried out manually by trained native professionals with a keen eye for detail.

Translation price per word

Here at BigTranslation, we offer different rates and quality assurance levels, depending on the type of translation required, the services you wish to contract and the turnaround time of the project. This way, our clients can select the service that most suits their needs at any one time.

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