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SEO translation agency

Unlike traditional translation agencies, BigTranslation is capable of handling SEO translation. This is thanks to our carefully-selected network of translators that have strong training in international multilingual SEO. Our SEO translation service guarantees to maximise your search engine visibility. We have provided SEO translation services in numerous fields including: history, motoring, agriculture, hospitality, business, marketing, market research, tourism, management, journalism, IT, education, film and television, healthcare and many more.

Multilingual SEO for all your target markets

Take your business to the global market. Expand and start doing business throughout the whole of Europe. Like the idea of people searching the internet for your company? For any business looking to target new markets in different languages, the importance of multilingual SEO translation cannot be overlooked. Our SEO translation service is designed to give your website search engine visibility so that you can be found more easily by potential clients. At BigTranslation, we work with knowledgeable and experienced translators to offer high-quality multilingual SEO.


SEO Translation and localisation

SEO translation is a requirement for web content. The way to ensure that your website is ranked well in all the international markets that you are targeting is to have each of your website’s SEO elements carefully translated by a translation agency working with experts with experience in the field of multilingual SEO. BigTranslation offers both SEO translation and localisation services. Both of these will allow you to improve the positioning of your website. However, it is important to know that SEO translation and localisation are two different concepts.

International SEO translation

This process involves the SEO translator incorporating specific, carefully-translated target keywords, tags, anchor texts, titles, script messages, and numerous other elements into your project.

Localisation involves us adapting a text to make sure that it is culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target audience. SEO translation, on the other hand, is essentially a 'behind the scenes' option in the translation which ensures that your products and services have search engine visibility in the target country.

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