Terms and conditions of BigTranslation’s Affiliate Programme.

Terms and conditions of BigTranslation’s Affiliate Programme.

Before taking part in The BigTranslation affiliate programme, you must read the following conditions of service and click on “I accept” on the form to request the creation of your account.

Terms and conditions of BigTranslation’s Affiliate Programme.

These are the terms and conditions for taking part in BigTranslation’s Affiliate Programme . The terms of this agreement are subject to change, but you will be notified of these changes in advance.

  1. Application to join our Programme
    You are requesting to join BigTranslation’s Affiliate Programme at this time. We reserve the right to reject or remove registration from our programme. As soon as your request has been accepted, you will be able to share your affiliate link and earn commissions.
  2. Affiliate commissions
    The affiliate control panel is unique to you. On it, you will find everything you need to be able to promote our site and our service, including:
    Your affiliate link
    Statistics of your visits and conversions generated
    Payment statistics
    Informative content to promote our website and products
    And more resources to share

As you send traffic to our website through the affiliate link that you have been provided, you will be able to receive credit for each purchase you generate. It is important to post the full URL, otherwise we won’t be able to track it. Make sure you use your affiliate link correctly.

When a potential customer visits our website via your affiliate link, if they make a purchase we can log it and, therefore, attribute the sale to you during the first 90 days after the first visit made to our website. This is the total duration of the tracking cookie.

As your referrals generate sales, you will earn different affiliate commissions.

Payments of the commissions are issued once a month, always 30 days after the last sale of the month. It is done in this way to make sure the customer doesn’t request a credit note for the purchase.

Once cleared, we will request an invoice from you in order to issue the payment.
The payment method will be by bank transfer, provided the amount exceeds €60. If it does not exceed this, the amount you have earned will be added to the amount to be settled the following month. If you want to unsubscribe from the programme you will be paid the pending amount, even if this does not exceed €60.

Amount of the commissions
For each of your referrals, you will receive 7% in commission. Applicable to any of BigTranslation’s rates and/or services.
In addition, from the referrals that your referrals bring to us, you will receive 0.1% of everything they are billed, up to a maximum of 3 levels.

  1. Payment of commissions
    In order to pay the amount of the commissions, you will need to send a monthly invoice to BigTranslation so you can be paid your commissions. Payment of the invoice amount will take place 15 business days after its receipt.
  2. Restrictions
    a) Marketing on search engines. We already carry out search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google and on Microsoft Bing; therefore, we request that affiliates to our programme do not carry out SEM campaigns for our products and services on either Google or Microsoft Bing.
    If you want to know the availability of campaigns on secondary search engines, contact our affiliates manager.
    b) Performing bids on the keyword ‘BigTranslation’ is not permitted on any keyword bidding platform (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Pinterest…).

In the settlement of each monthly payment, a review will be carried out of the sources of traffic capture and non-compliance with these 2 points will lead to the immediate suspension from the affiliate programme and the commissions pending payment will be cancelled.

  1. Disclosures
    You should ensure that you comply with your country’s laws for affiliate marketing and advertising in general. Some countries require you to reveal that you have a commercial relationship with us each time you promote the link with your followers. Make sure you comply with your country’s laws.
  2. Ending the relationship
    We may terminate this relationship at any time, and you may also do so. This affiliate agreement has been designed to ensure we have a relationship of the highest quality. We hope we have demonstrated our obligations so that you can become a highly prosperous affiliate.

If we become aware that you are deceiving our potential customers with false promises or that you have not been able to verify your sources of traffic, we will deactivate your account without prior notice and you will no longer be able to receive your commissions.

By signing up to our affiliate programme, you are accepting the terms established in our Affiliate Programme Agreement.

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